Amanda Bazzell


Hey there! So I decided to have my friend list me on this site in hopes of making some new friends or who knows, possibly more? It gets so lonely in here and a girl can only read so many books haha! I would love to get to know someone who is willing to see past my mistakes to the girl that I really am, the one I want to be. I have so many dreams and I’m looking for someone who is the same, maybe someone who wants to explore the world with me and all it has to offer…or even just someone to Netflix and chill with! The nights get lonely in here too so don’t be shy when you’re writing me either if you catch my drift 😉 I would love to just hear a man’s voice on the phone, you have no idea. Anyway, if you think you can keep up with a girl like me, a sweetheart with a bit of a naughty streak 😉 , shoot me an email or letter! Just PLEASE make sure you do NOT mention this website at any time during our correspondence or I will not get your mail! I so look forward to hearing from you..I promise you’ll never be bored but you’ll always be glad you took this chance! I’ll be waiting! Xoxoxoxo

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Mailing Information

Amanda Bazzell
Chillicothe Correctional Center
3151 Litton Rd, H.U. 7
Point of Contact
You are at the only actual contact point for inmates on You must be 18 or older to write an inmate & have read our Terms of Service.

General Information

Religion: Spiritual
Date Of Birth: November 17, 1987
Profile Stated On: September 14, 2021
Hair: Brown but usually dyed bright red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Profile Ends On: September 14, 2022
Weight: 170
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: BiCurious

Incarceration Information

Earliest Release Date: 2023
Latest Release Date: 2023
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated Since: January 2021
Serving Life Sentence: No
Incarcerated For: Burglary