Donello Knowles


Hello ladies my name is Dell. I’m from Sacramento but raised in the Bay Area, Menlo Park Ca. I got a 5 year old beautiful daughter. I wish I could see her, but her mom lost custody of her, so I’m waiting on the courts to ng for a good take control. I’m a good guy, looking for a good woman, who can do this time with me. I’m a good dude outside of these walls. I took care of my family, and worked hard. I made a bad decision, that I didn’t have too, yet I did, and now I’m paying for it. I don’t have a wife or woman and I’m looking for someone to grow with and come home to. I’m not gone BS about who I am online. I want you to send a good brother a kite, so we can get to know each other. The only thing I want you to know, is that I’m family first and I would like to have more children when I come home if possible.. If you think we may be a match, hit me up and we can talk. I’m not broke, I have my own money, so I’m not asking for anything but companionship… Enjoy your day ladies…

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Mailing Information

Donello Knowles
Mule Creek
PO BOX 409060
Ione ,
Point of Contact
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General Information

Religion: Christian
Date Of Birth: January 4, 1994
Profile Stated On: August 9, 2021
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9
Profile Ends On: August 9, 2022
Weight: 170
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Incarceration Information

Earliest Release Date: 10/12/2024
Latest Release Date: 10/12/2026
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated Since: 9/12/2015
Serving Life Sentence: No
Incarcerated For: Robbery