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Age: 40 




Hey beautiful one, may I have this dance? I am not much of a dancer, but I’ll learn as we go. Something in my heart made me want to reach out to your hearts  hands as I seen you sitting there. I pray that when my heart’s hands reaches your soft beautiful gorgeous heart, you’re in the best of health that a beautiful hearted chick, lady, woman such as yourself should be in. I reach out to your hearts thoughts outta  love, trust, respect, and no matter your race or age, I’m seeking a solid willing pen pal friendship who would bless me with time, energy through your pen that leaks out your hearts thoughts in a  stamped envelope sent with your complete address on the envelope. I’ll provide stamps if you need me to. Let me whisper into your hearts ears to tell you why you outta bless me with a chance to be your pen pal friend, friends first, our companionship will prosper, be encouraging, deep open supportive feelings uplifted, fantasies shared, I’ll find your ticklish spots for your smiles, giggles, laughs, a positive meaningful pen pal I’ll be in cherishing you with treasure filled envelopes.

Your pen pal friendship and letters would feel like a dance, hug, a phone call because our voice will be heard out, it’ll also feel like a visit because our hearts meet up with letters received, better yet, it feels like a late-night pillow talk between the sheets of paper. Some seekers corrupt minds for money, so I play no mind games and I’ll never ask you for money. I never had a pen pal cause I was in a loyal, long-term relationship that ended recently. This is my first and last time incarcerated, I’m not a bad person, just made bad choices, but prison has been a positive life-changing experience, I’m a Rose that grew from concrete, with fate I found the true me, so discover my heart as I discover yours.

Love is a fun experience, we live only once. I thank God for what I do have, never mind what I don’t have. I believe in God above and that all women are sacred. I’m not judgmental or conceded, I wouldn’t care if you weighed 300-90 pounds. I have no kids, never married, you’re maybe single, kids or none, my heart is big enough. Who knows what may become of our pen pal friendship, so don’t hesitate to shoot a response with cupids arrow and discover  that I carry self-respect, humor, honesty, a gentleman, intelligent, love working out, music, playing basketball, and ambitious. I’ll send you photos of myself as I hope you will send me photos of yourself.

It’s only respectful that we trade photos, so we see our personalities, you feel me, like what you see, tell me about you, introduce me to your world and let’s mix minds. I draw anything that I see from portraits to what you see, and you’ll receive some as we write one another. I’m from the Arizona New Mexico areas, so wherever your from, reach out to me. If you’re not interested but you know someone who’d write me, connect us, put my address on your Facebook, refer people to respond to my heart’s voice through you, although I’d rather write you, but I respect your decisions. Until then, my hands and my feet are cuffed from you, so please use the key to unlock a true hearted person by writing soon. I see beauty on both sides, I appreciate the warmth of a smile, the heartache of a tear, we are all equal, only divided when love is not present. I am forever free in 7/2019. Thanks for dancing outta love, trust, and respect. Hope to receive your private dancing letter. I verbally hug and kiss your hearts thoughts here and I look forward to a late night pillow talk with you.




General Information
  • Race:
  • Religion:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Profile Started On:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Height:
  • Profile Ends On:
  • Weight:
  • Marital Status:
  • Sexual Orientation:
    male seeking females
  • Incarceration Information
  • Earliest Release Date:
    SEPT 08 2021
  • Latest Release Date:
    JULY 22 2019
  • On Death Row:
  • Incarcerated Since:
    August 2004
  • Serving Life Sentence:
  • Incarcerated For:
    18 usc 1201 (9) (2)
  • Contact O’RYAN YAZZIE
  • Contact:
    O'RYAN YAZZIE#26729-051
    P.O BOX 6000
    FLORENCE, CO 81226
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