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Age: 43 



If you are reading this AD, Obviously I have you attention. So let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Kendall W. Ballard. I’m 34 years young, Native American, single. I’m A peoples person. I love the outdoors, singing, pow-wows, drawing. I’m a good artist and I would love to draw you something if you like. I’m a big fan of music, movies, animal and star watching people instantly like my personality, I have a huge heart :) and can always make other’s laugh and smile.

I’m incarcerated for D.U.I. I made a bad decision with drinking and driving and now I’m paying my debt to society, I have no excuses for my actions and I will learn from my mistakes. I live in Fort Hall, IDAHO  on the reservation. I’m also very proud to be a NATIVE AMERICAN and I love my people and county. I really look forward to making  a new friend through the mail.

I hope my AD has interest you and you decide to write me. I’m very open and honest , you can ask me anything and I’ll be happy to write you back.

Hope you write soon, and don’t be “SHY” I’m not :)


Kendall Ballard



Being Indian

I’m Indian have always been will always be, you say show me your card, proved to me, the trust of you. I say cards hold no proof, of spirit, of strength, of truth. Here is your proof, my love, my life, my service, for the people, for the family, for you. I’m Indian, have always been will always be.



It takes miles, to understand, history so complex, perspectives so powerful, they need three DC museums, to tell the same story, it appears to be true, the more machine, gun toting soldiers, you see, the more normal complaint see, you tell me, how beautiful, full gracious skies. Things never, change, the black man monument, yo to honor, have him standing, tall and proud, cast out white so stark, it sinks words, used a sail across, the potomac

chatter distracts, silence, keels, womanish truth, wrapped in a conviction folded faith hidden behind intension saved by liberation

There is honor among these, and a clear understanding of social roles. There never was, they’d came here to take, interfere and a keel

Any question? At least crooks bring death quick and absolute. While double-sided blades of politics twist long and slow sending not only you but your descendents to the same grave be witnesses to this. Any question?


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    2016 FIX TOP OUT 2021
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    I.S.C.I/ P.OBOX 14
    BOISE, ID 83707
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