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Age: 35 

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read my ad.
Have you ever felt like there’s someone out there that’s supposed to be in your life but you don’t know how or where they are? That’s me right now, and that’s why I’m using this site to reach out. Since my incarceration, all the people I thought were my friends have shown themselves to be disloyal and much less than true friends. I recently heard a saying that says “if you have one true friend in life, then you’re doing good.” Hopefully this ad will help me find loyal friends. I have a few years left on my sentence and would like to build new meaningful relationships. Change is a matter of the heart. I had a rough upbringing and was very rebellious, always doing what I wanted and getting into trouble. 8 years ago I was sentenced to 15 years for breaking into an unoccupied house. I started my sentence with vengeance in mind for what myself and many others would say is a harsh sentence. I carried my rebellion into the system with me and my criminal mind only grew bigger as I blamed everyone except myself and continued down the same wrong road I’ve always been on.
Laying in segregation one day about 5 years ago, I was reading an article that said “no person is born bad”, and it went on to talk about how kids are molded by their environment. As a child I was exposed to many things that molded me into a criminal. My life from the very beginning was dysfunctional. In that moment, I realized I wanted to change, I wanted to do better. I’ve given up the criminal side of me and reformed my mind for the last five years of my incarceration with education in many directions including facilitating programs that help others transform their criminal mind. My new vision is preparing myself for my release so I never have to suffer prison life ever again. I have a much nicer gated community in mind then my current one lol.
I’m only a few credits away from two college degrees, and need all the help and encouragement I can get. I have many other aspirations of things to learn as I have an insatiable thirst for learning. Drawing, painting, reading and exercising become repetitive day after day, yet they are the backbone to my mental fortitude that keeps me strong and focused here. My latest learning journeys are the stock market and I’m currently learning how to play guitar. Once I finish my degrees I’m going to write a book. Hopefully my sentence will be changing soon as well and I’ll be out much sooner than 2028.
To me it’s all about honesty, happiness and a person’s desire to be a light in an increasingly dark world. I’m very open minded, creative, humorous, and much more. So to keep it short and sweet, if you’re interested, and can look past the current situation I’m in to see the light that burns brightly within me, I am very excited to hear from you, Via jpay message or written letter works too.

Sincerely,Ricky McKaskle


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    2nd Degree Home Invasion
  • Contact Ricky McKaskle
  • Contact:
    Ricky McKaskle#501978
    G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
    3510 N Elm Avenue
    Jackson, MI 49201
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