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General Information

Height: 6'
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 235 lbs
Date of Birth: March 6, 1970
Age: 54 years
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Activation: April 26, 2022
Boost Until: April 26, 2022
Expiration: April 26, 2023
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Oregon State Correctional Institute
3405 Deer Park Dr. SE
Salem, Oregon, 97310

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2006
Earliest Release Date: 2032
Latested Release Date: 2032
Servig Life Sentence: No
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated For: Omission

My Biography

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The economy of words fall so well short of the indelible mark other people have left on my life.  Apart from them I am nothing, less than nothing.  They breathed life into my inferior lungs when I was gasping for my next breath.   Every stroke from my poignant fingers bleeds reverence from my beating heart to those who have shown the way.  Their names will be forever etched in my heart. I would be remiss if I didn’t carry on their imprints in my life.  There is beauty with the strike of the eye of the toil and struggle of not going it alone.  It didn’t come without scars as icons along the way to my true calling.  They are a marker of this moment stitched into the very fabric of time.  Right here, right now.  Its attuned to when I hear my favorite song so loud I just dance with life extending my hand.  May I have your hand to dance once again?  It may come with a bit of a risk, a leap of faith, if you will. My heart is racing, my hands are sweaty just pondering the thought that all things are possible.  I’m looking in your direction.  May I have this dance.  If you are intrigued, keep on reading.  I am looking for someone to challenge me, laugh with, and to be there through hell or high water.  If you are having a bad day, I will comfort you.  A prompt reply to your every letter.  Oh, I almost forgot.  What I’ve been called to do. 

I was actually chosen by something bigger than myself to embark on a journey to the far reaches of my mind.  I published my first book, “The Return.”. The rise and fall of William Blanscet when I was knocking on deaths door.  It is a memoir with a full disclosure fueled by the witch hunt that landed me in prison for 25 years and a medical system steeped in malfeasance.  Raw and in your face.  I unveil to the world my brokenness and how I dug myself out of a death sentence.  Now I look at death and smile.  My song of the over commer serenading those who may have been cast aside.  The drum of hope beating louder with every passing day.  Only one thing left to say.  Your move.

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