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My name is Reginald Dewayne Porter and I’m a creatively charming gay male seeking global friendship with feminine gay males. Who could give me some positive feedback on my fairytale literature! Well I enjoy listening to all types of music, making money and writing my fairytale literature for employment and below are a few examples of my creativity!

( Example 1)

As darkness surrounded her sleeping body it became a dark hooded figure as Moloch the Prince Of Darkness stared down at her and said “I am here to deliver you from this world.” Suddenly Mary Smith was awakened by his presence she then stared back into his menacing firey eyes within the darkness!

(Example 2)

The Kentucky State Penitentiary was like any other penitentiary. It housed highly classified inmates and I was one of those inmates until I strolled through the iron gates that led to my freedom and I was greeted by a sexy transgender woman named Mary Smith, who became my friend during my incarceration even though I was twenty years older than her and darker than her European ancestors.

Well if you would like to read some more of this story then please feel free to get in touch with me through

Reginald Dewayne Porter

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Mailing Information

Reginald Dewayne Porter
Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
Dawkins Road PO Box 6
Point of Contact
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General Information

Race:African American
Religion: Satanist
Date Of Birth: July 23, 1967
Profile Stated On: October 20, 2021
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Profile Ends On: October 20, 2022
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Incarceration Information

Earliest Release Date: 7/9/22
Latest Release Date:
On Death Row:
Incarcerated Since:
Serving Life Sentence:
Incarcerated For: