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Our Address
P.O.BOX 192

How do I add or list an Inmate in LoveAPrisoner?

You can start the process on List an Inmate

Or Send the profile to our Address:

P.O.BOX 192

No Refund Policy

All Sales are Final.

Nothing Happens when I send a Message

Our Mailing System is not an Instant Messaging System. 

The messages that you send through our Mailing System are Letters that get printed out on paper, put in an envelope, set postage, and send out to the Inmate in Regular Snail Mail.

We Don't Warranty Contact

We work hard on promoting our site to bring pen-pals to inmates. However, we don’t warranty that someone will get in contact with you inmate.

We suggest to have their biography as complete as possible, have pictures on their profile.

There is no refunds for no communications.

What is the LoveAPrisoner Mailing System

We are not linked to any prison institution. We provide a way to send out SNAIL Mail (regular Mail) from people who don’t want to share their address with inmates yet but still want to correspond with an inmate.

You can type a letter in our system. Once the letter is ready to be sent out, we print the letter in a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, stamp the letter and send it out from our own address.

The inmate that you send the Letter from our system will get the Hard Copy of the letter you typed.

The Inmate will reply back to you the way you tell them to do it.

Have in mind that Inmates have  restrictions on what on they can reply back to you. If you request a phone call, they have to pay for the call, or they will request a collect call connection.

Inmates Reply Back

When you write a letter to an inmate, they will usually reply back the best way possible to their ability.

The inmate gets a hard copy of the letter you send them with our Mailing System.

Inmates don’t have access to the internet as a people in the outside have access to the internet.

Inmates will not be able to reply back to you via email, or text message.

Some jail and prison facilities give the ability to use messaging systems with the inmate. However, this are limited, and are monitored by the facility.

How do I write to a Prisoner?

If you are 18 or older, use their postal address listed in their ad and write direct to them.

I sent a letter. When is it printed and actually sent out?

All letters are sent out on Saturdays of every week.

Sometimes we wait and send them on Monday. It all depends on the volumen of letters going out.

I haven't heard back from the inmate

If you haven’t heard back from the inmate you sent a letter to, remember that they are using snail mail (regular mail) to reply back to you.

Also, take into consideration that inmates have limited resources inside prison.

What is a DOC#?

It stands for Department of Corrections. It is a number that the state gives a prisoner. It is in their ad, and you must include it in their address for them to get mail. The Federal Prisoners also have a number assigned to them that is very similar.

I feel nervous about writing a prisoner, what should I do?

We suggest using a PO Box address, and of course only tell what you want them to know. Prisoners are just like people on the streets. There are some good and some bad. ALWAYS use common sense! You also need to read and understand our disclaimer before visiting our site and writing a prisoner!

How do I add Inmate Profile Picture(s)?

After you complete the “List an Inmate”, you can add the profile picture or pictures. Look at the image below. LoveaAPrisoner

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