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Age: 32 years
State: Montana
Views: 34
Age: 38 years
State: Texas
Views: 30
Age: 31 years
State: Texas
Views: 71
Age: 41 years
State: Texas
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Age: 37 years
State: California
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Age: 23 years
State: Washington
Dear whoever, these words are meant to spark the attention of a beautiful mind, someone of strength and substance, someone who is as willing as I am to establish some form of friendship through these brick walls. What I am seeking is a friend someone who is open and sincere....
Age: 28 years
State: Michigan
My name is Jonny, I am 27 years old and I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 (33 days before my 18th birthday). Before I was incarcerated I was a prisoner to a mind state and criminal mentality that enchained me to a thought process that I could not escape....
Age: 51 years
State: Maryland
Views: 3
Age: 26 years
State: Texas
Age: 46 years
State: Texas
Hi my name is Sheletha, but most people call me Sassy. I am an educated, extraordinary, and not your ordinary, optimistic lady who’s exceptionally beautiful inside and out. I’m extremely open-minded, outgoing, spontaneous, with an exhilarating since of humor and a unique personality. I have irresistible almond shape chestnut brown...

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