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Andre Howard-AB9095 LoveaAPrisoner

Hi, my name is Dre and  I’m on Love A Prisoner in hope that you and I can make a solid connection for a real friendship, because those are hard to come by now and days. For starters a few of my interest are, writing spoken word, playing the piano, and acting, as well as studying mysticism and […]

Thomas Stewart-248523 LoveaAPrisoner

Hey beautiful I’m new on here just trying something new for once. My name is Thomas but I go by Tjay. I’m currently incarcerated in Moose Lake MN but not for long. I love learning new things an learning everything about people. When I get curious I never run out of questions or things to […]

Jabbrie Cross-533943 LoveaAPrisoner

Hi I’m 36 years old . Looking for friends or a loving companion . I like working out reading and expanding my studies . I’m a real good guy and a father . I love a good laugh !  

Michael Jackson-J34141 LoveaAPrisoner

Hello!  Thank you for taking time to read this. I’m hoping by the end of this you will want to go further, and send me an email, or a letter. This is all very new for me. But, it is my genuine desire to meet someone, and share in good conversation.  I hope that is […]

Dan Moncada Gonzalez -94794479 LoveaAPrisoner

My name is Dan Moncada. First of all what can I say about myself I don’t like speaking very highly of myself. I rather leave that for others to say that about me. But what do I like doing. I enjoy listening to others and encouraging others and helping others so they can feel great […]

Angel Santiago Gonzalez-DC# 167421 LoveaAPrisoner

Hello!!!  My name is Angel but people call me Angelo! I am 42 years old and I am from Jan Juan, Puerto Rico. I am writing this and enclosing these 3 photos of me and my brothers and one of my sons here on this website because I would like to make new friends.  I […]

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