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Member Profile Packages

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Member Profile Packages

Key Features:

Your Inmate's Profile Becomes Public Right Away
Unlimited Editing Biography and Inmate's Information
Add Additional Picture on your own time
If Biography is written on paper, we can attach it to the profile.

VIP Member Profile

$ 65 Yearly
  • Everything in from Basic Member Profile
  • Listed on Home Page
  • 10 Photo Gallery included ($7 each additional picture)
  • Unlimited word space for Biography
  • Include Video or Song links in the bio
  • Added to Facebook Page

Basic Member Profile

$ 35 Yearly
  • 1 Profile Picture ($7 additional pictures)
  • Inmate's Personal Profile Page
  • Physical and Mailing Address
  • Able to Edit Profile from your Dashboard
  • Unlimited Word Space for Biography
  • Able to upload Pictures of the Biography written by your inmate (requires approval to publish)

New Add-On Features Available to Member Profiles

Once you join LoveAPrisoner, you can buy various Add-ons to your member's profile

Art Add-On

$7 per Art Image Uploaded

  • Upload Pictures of the Inmates Art work.
  • Be considered to be Published on our Quarterly Art Magazine.
  • Get Likes from the Community.
  • $500 Giveaway every 6 months for the Art Work for the Best Inmates Art Contest.

*Unless specifically stated as otherwise, all original Artwork will be considered a Gift to "".

Voice Video Call

$25 per Video Biography

  • We will record your Inmate up to 10 min. either on the phone or in a video call(if possible) Reading their biography, singing, reading poetry
  • they can share anything they would like the public to hear.
  • People will be able to hear the Inmates voice and give life to the Member Profile.
  • The edited Video will be uploaded to the Inmates Profile
  • and be visible on youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

Poem Add-On

$7 per Poem picture uploaded

  • Inmate’s Poems will get exposure for the public to read, like or heart.

Boost Your Member Profile

$25 for 30 days Stayin on Top of the List

  • Stay at the Top of the VIP or Basic Member Section.
  • People at the top will always be seen the most.
  • Increases the chances of contact

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