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Dontae Morris

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General Information

Marital Status: Single
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: lbs
Date of Birth:
Age: 52 years

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Dontae Morris
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Dontae Morris
union Correctional Inst
P.O. Box1000
, 32083

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2014
Earliest Release Date:
Latested Release Date:
Servig Life Sentence:
On Death Row: Yes
Incarcerated For: Murder

My Biography

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How you doin?
I know not necessarily how 2 describe myself other than Rebel, although here I will attempt. I am 36 and G. Black, Born and raised in Tampa, Fla. No high school diploma or degrees from institutions of education but I have a Masters in G.
11 years of incarceration, with freedom fiendin’ for my presence. I’ve become acquainted with patience. My interests are Literature, money and beauty. Reading and writing have been hobbies since my youth. I am in 2 Philosophy, Theosophy, Mysticism and Esoteric teachings. My belief is in Jesus Christ but I am neither Christian nor religious; I am REBEL. Old Testament.
Be not misled by the words I use to illustrate my being. I am from the Neighborhood., just given the unfortunate opportunity of incarceration, where I’ve developed a more conscious thought process. My introduction is pure, I am who I say I I am and am interested in who you R. If your interest is caressed then we should get 2 know one another…….

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