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Kirk Levin

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General Information

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 170lbs lbs
Date of Birth: November 2, 1991
Age: 31 years

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Kirk Levin
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Kirk Levin
Iowa State Penitentiary
PO Box 316
Fort Madison
, 52627

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2013
Earliest Release Date:
Latested Release Date: Life
Servig Life Sentence: Yes
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated For: 1st deg. murder

My Biography

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I’m a 1991 model who values the importance of knowing someone is respected and cherished. I’m looking for someone who knows their ideas, opinions, and advice can be heard & respected without judgement or criticism.
I realize the importance involved between the interactions of each human element in any type of friendship and there are so many things which get taken for granted.
I hope to be able to bond with someone on a level that only we know. As you are reading this ad, you know exactly what I’m feeling and what I would want or need. I hope for a bond where I know just as much about the other person.
I can be an empathetic person with the people I care about. I have been alone with no friend or family of my own for so long. I would welcome the opportunity to meet new people.
I do my best not to alienate people or be disrespectful. I try not to cause drama or confrontations, but I’m not someone who shirks from one or shies from the truth. I don’t lie to people, or manipulate.
I’m searching for an emotional connection which has the potential for the long-term future.
I enjoy being an active person who stays healthy with exercise and loose dieting. I like biking, hiking, outdoors stuff, and other recreational activities.
I’ve trained dogs and horses (even cats & rabbits!)
I’m a novice writer & amateur artist with a pencil.
I love video games up to a point because of current circumstances.
Hard rock is my favorite music genre. I believe country is the bane to all existence & should be declared extinct.
I like action movies, romance/rom-com also. Comedy is cool too as long as the comedy isn’t corny/cheesy (& romance), + is truly comedic.
I am an emotionally available person. I’m not someone who is always closed off. I’m fairly easy to talk to and spend time with. I hope this is appealing to you. If anything interests you, don’t hesitate to say “hello”!
You can contact me by writing at my prison address or you can email me directly at my institutional email:
Thank you for your consideration!

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