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Jackson goodholm-22345-67 LoveaAPrisoner

Great southern gentleman, 46, in great shape. Light brown hair and blue eyes.   Very single.  No violent criminal charges.  Looking for companionship.

Michael Spradlin-201141 LoveaAPrisoner

I was once young and stupid, but that was almost 30 years ago. I have since grown into a respectable man who has taught himself to be a computer programmer. I am anxious to get back into society and start a new life and a new family. I have since found my biological parents and […]

Sean David McKee-16691825 LoveaAPrisoner

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time and having an open mind when it comes to reaching out to a website of this nature. It speaks volumes about you as a woman, and that alone tells me you’re more than worth getting to know. I give you my word not […]

Travis Smith-238992 LoveaAPrisoner

My mailing address is Branchville Correctional Facility 21390 Old State Road 37, Branchville, IN 47514 inmate number 238992 im looking to talk to people and build friendships. The days often get lonely and I can only do so much here. Im looking for anyone that wants to chat. I can be found on connect network […]

Joshua Hammett-1193481 LoveaAPrisoner

My name is Josh , I have been in prison for 12 & half years. I am a changed a man & a man-of god, I love dogs , & I train dogs while being in here. I live in the honor wing & I am also apart of the veterans wing from being a […]

Nick Wilson-BV5263 LoveaAPrisoner

Hello Ladies.  My name is Nick Wilson and it would be my pleasure to meet you through this site thanks to modern technology and the infinite wisdom of the CDCR Tablet Program,  I am hoping to share all our daily experiences whether big or small so we may get to know each other and perhaps […]

Brian Hood-1072116 LoveaAPrisoner

WRITE ME AT: Brian Hood #1072116 c/o Digital Mail Center – MoDOC  Po. Box 25678 Tampa, FL. 33622 EMAIL ME BY: Go to:   Click on: Family and Friends   Click on: Sign In   Click on: Create An Account                                    […]

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