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Jackson goodholm-22345-67 LoveaAPrisoner

Great southern gentleman, 46, in great shape. Light brown hair and blue eyes.   Very single.  No violent criminal charges.  Looking for companionship.

Cameron Cox-2024-02124 LoveaAPrisoner

Cameron is definitely not your average inmate. Unfortunately, he got caught up in the Opioid epidemic, and made some poor choices to support the habit. Before that, he was a witty, extremely intelligent and musically talented guy. Was in the IB program and on his way to getting a scholarship at MIT or Cal Tech […]

Antonio Castro-44995-013 LoveaAPrisoner

Hey what’s up my names Antonio. This is new to me,looking for someone on a website so please bare with me. A little more about myself. I’m a tattoo artist & I love music,the outdoors & doing fun stuff on my spare time. I have a lot more time now days considering I’m finishing up […]

Michael Jackson-J34141 LoveaAPrisoner

Hello!  Thank you for taking time to read this. I’m hoping by the end of this you will want to go further, and send me an email, or a letter. This is all very new for me. But, it is my genuine desire to meet someone, and share in good conversation.  I hope that is […]

Angel Santiago Gonzalez-DC# 167421 LoveaAPrisoner

Hello!!!  My name is Angel but people call me Angelo! I am 42 years old and I am from Jan Juan, Puerto Rico. I am writing this and enclosing these 3 photos of me and my brothers and one of my sons here on this website because I would like to make new friends.  I […]

Anthony Conley-j36586 LoveaAPrisoner

I was born 9-16-89 which makes me 34. My case is reopened and is currently in the court room as we speak. I enjoy knowledge of all sorts at which during conversation you’ll discover much of that on your own accord. I’m athletically built due to my past with sports and martial arts. I’m honest […]


I’m looking for someone who will never judge me and the mistakes I’ve made. I want to be able to build a friendship before anything because those are the type of relationships that aren’t only real, but they last as well. I would like someone to make me laugh and smile, seeing how some days […]

Sean Smith LoveaAPrisoner

Hi my name is Sean. I’m coming to you surrounded by others, but yet still alone. It’s hard being a cast-off from what is called society – yet still human, as we all are and strive to be. Don’t let race, religion, politics or sexuality stop you from reaching out to another human being- namely […]

Jason Stephens LoveaAPrisoner

Hi, My name is Jason,  I am looking for someone who can understand that I’m  not the man I was when I got locked up, because the person wasn’t a man at all, except in age. I also would like someone who will be honest with me and not be politically correct, regardless of the […]

Darrias Smith LoveaAPrisoner

Hey, my name is Darrias, but people call me DJ. I’m 37, about 5’10″ and I enjoy reading, writing, and just being active. I’m very spontaneous, open-minded, down to earth, and very loyal. This has been a long journey for me, but my main focus is on bettering myself and furthering my education. Yes, I’ve made […]

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