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I’m looking for someone who will never judge me and the mistakes I’ve made. I want to be able to build a friendship before anything because those are the type of relationships that aren’t only real, but they last as well. I would like someone to make me laugh and smile, seeing how some days […]

Sean Smith LoveaAPrisoner

Hi my name is Sean. I’m coming to you surrounded by others, but yet still alone. It’s hard being a cast-off from what is called society – yet still human, as we all are and strive to be. Don’t let race, religion, politics or sexuality stop you from reaching out to another human being- namely […]

Jason Stephens LoveaAPrisoner

Hi, My name is Jason,  I am looking for someone who can understand that I’m  not the man I was when I got locked up, because the person wasn’t a man at all, except in age. I also would like someone who will be honest with me and not be politically correct, regardless of the […]

Darrias Smith LoveaAPrisoner

Hey, my name is Darrias, but people call me DJ. I’m 37, about 5’10″ and I enjoy reading, writing, and just being active. I’m very spontaneous, open-minded, down to earth, and very loyal. This has been a long journey for me, but my main focus is on bettering myself and furthering my education. Yes, I’ve made […]

Paul William Scott LoveaAPrisoner

Dear Friend,  At least I hope we become friends. If I could, I’d take us to Starbucks for coffee, and I’d tell you my past and where I’m headed. Please Google me and you’ll learn of my past. The present is hopefully I meet someone who loves the movies Titanic and Cruella, animals and kids, […]

Brittany Soto LoveaAPrisoner

Britney is an amazingly witty young lady. She’s let a few bad choices in life put her in the place she’s at now but it doesn’t bring her down she has a very optimistic attitude and she’s taking this time to figure out who she is on the inside .She’s making this a learning experience […]

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