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Need Help?

For Support or Payments, Please Text at (678) 467-3695

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New Letter to Our Member

Write Me at:

Daniel Bertram-791786

Newberry Correctional Facility
13747 E. County Road 428 Newberry, MI 49868
Newberry, Michigan, 49868

*Note -This is NOT an INSTANT MESSAGING system.

The messages you sent using our Mailing System gets printed on paper,  put in an envelope, gets a Mailing Stamp, and sent to the Inmate via Regular USPS mail.

  • Be aware that is Against the Law to send inmate to inmate correspondence.
  • Know that your letters can be read in public
  • Do not include any confidential information.
  • Do not include sensitive information,
  • Be aware that correctional officers, other inmates, and our staff can read this letters.
  • If you have any questions about mailing to a correctional facility, contact the inmate and ask them about the facilities rules for mailing.

Any other questions, please let us know in the “Need Help?” form.

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