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Samuel Martin Caffey-441408 LoveaAPrisoner

I had no experience with the criminal justice system until I made a mistake last year.   Before I came here I was working as a high school counselor. I grew up in the Seattle area. There is nothing more important to me than finding a loving relationship with someone, that I can have for the […]

Glen Joy-344835 LoveaAPrisoner

 “Here I Am” Maybe you’re on this website reading this because you’re tired of countless let down’s that you always find in men, or maybe you’re tired of every friendship having a physical foundation. Maybe you want something where who you are at the end of the day is good enough. If this sounds like […]

Vincent J Duman-409781 SAG/SF20L LoveaAPrisoner

HI- My name is Vincent, I go by Vince.  I’m just a small town boy, looking for good conversation and connections with the outside world. I’m a father of 4 with one in Heaven. I am big into fitness and nutrition. I am working towards a happier and healthier me and am open to making […]

Aaron Michael McAteer-438753 LoveaAPrisoner

My name is Aaron I am 23 years old. Thank you for reading my profile.  I have six or seven more years to serve. It would be great to have a friend on the outside, someone to communicate with. I am a good listener and would love to hear about you and your life. Please […]

Asaria Miller-366065 LoveaAPrisoner

I am looking for a genuine connection. I am fun-loving, loyal, and love to laugh. I hope to meet someone here who is authentic and consistent in looking for connection. Please sign up on to email me. Can’t wait to connect with you!

Jalen Serquinia-419655 LoveaAPrisoner

23, Filipino and Black. Straight. No loses just blessings. I’m not perfect but I’m with it. Everyone has a story to tell, I’ll tell you mine as long as I can hear yours.My current interests are to read, write, work out and painting. Knowledge is my best friend I love to educate myself whenever and […]

Nickolas Medelez-423857 LoveaAPrisoner

Hi, my name is Nickolas. I am a 29 year old Latino. I consider myself a laid back person. I like to focus on good times and laughing with family and friends. This is my first time in prison(and only time); it sucks very much, 10/10 do not recommend. I have taken this time to […]

William S. Moore-361678 LoveaAPrisoner

hi, my name is William Moore but all my friends and family call me by my middle name Sean. I’m 31yrs young and I’m from Washington state, I grew up in a town I consider small because I never really got out! unfortunately I have been in prison since I was 19, however, I am […]

Jasiri Sims LoveaAPrisoner

My life is about having perspective. The deeper we love is measured by our capacity to think beyond ourselves. I believe time without purpose is a prison and I also believe that judgement cannot coexist with a friendship or love. In all my life, for the most important parts of it, I have been alone. […]

Yobachi Frazier

My name is Yobachi, I’m 40 years young I’m looking for a fly woman who knows her self-worth, respects herself and carries herself like the Queen she rightfully is. I’m not looking for a woman who’s confused and unsure of what she really wants. Seeking a woman who knows how to thrive with a man […]

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