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Casey Ern

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General Information

State: New Jersey
Institution: State
Sex: Male
Race/Ethinicity: Caucasian/White
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'9”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Weight: 200 lbs
Date of Birth: August 21, 1989
Age: 33 years

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Casey Ern
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Casey Ern
Northern state prison
P.O. Box 2300
, New Jersey
, 7114

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2018
Earliest Release Date: 2029
Latested Release Date: 2029
Servig Life Sentence: No
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated For: Robbery, attempted murder

My Biography

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I’m in the position to change myself….maybe this is karma from a past life, but I know 1 thing is certain, the day my reality matches what resides in my heart it will all make sense. I believe in aliens and tacos though so there’s that. I’m super tatted too like I can’t get a 9 -5 type of job. I’m very positive but cynical like in a Robin Williams lived in the funny but didn’t die type of way. If you made it this far and are still interested hit me up I feel you. I make music you can find me on IG at KC_Voorhees/youtube  ok it’s been fun… I don’t take life too seriously… so hit me up if you’re chill and oh a female!

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