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Uriel flores LoveaAPrisoner

Uriel is a gangster with a big heart who is loyal and down to get to know a girl who is fun , loyal and want companionship. He has his own money so it won’t cost you to talk to him.  He is intelligent and would make the right girl feel happy and content. He […]

Nicholas Hall-149251 LoveaAPrisoner

This is unique. I could be talking to everyone, or Only time will tell , right???  Ultimately, you miss 100% of the shots u don’t take. My sense of humor is sure to make you smile. Charismatic, carefree, what some would call, a classic style. I can hold my own when I step to […]

Joshua Swetky-154025 LoveaAPrisoner

I was born in Colorado, where I spent much of my life in Denver, The Mile High City. I’m 6’1 feet tall and weigh 230 pounds, covered in a full, head-to-toe bodysuit of tattoos. My focus is to build a business for myself through art and tattooing. I’m dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative. I […]

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