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Said F Herrera-10145-280

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General Information

State: Louisiana
Institution: Federal
Sex: Male
Race/Ethinicity: Hispanic
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 195 lbs
Date of Birth: August 20, 1979
Age: 45 years
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Said F Herrera-10145-280
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Write Me at:

Said F Herrera-10145-280
USP McCreary
P O Box 3000
Pine Knot, Kentucky, 42635

Physical Location

Said F Herrera-10145-280
United States McCreary
330 Federal Way
Pine Knot, Kentucky, 42635

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: JAN 10, 2008
Earliest Release Date:
Latested Release Date:
Servig Life Sentence: Yes
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated For: RICO ACT

My Biography

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I am serving life sentences for the RICO ACT. I pray one day God and the laws will change and I will get out. I am looking for beautiful ladies wanting to become pen pals, which can grow into a friendship. I am single, never been married, and have no children or step children. SO, NO BABY MAMA DRAMA, lol. I want ladies who are serious about writing and not just waist my time. Right now, I am in the shu, but not for long. Once I get out or the shu, I will be able to email through Corrlinks, text, snail mail, and call. I am a great man with a lot of respect. My word and trust are number one in my life. Write to me and I will tell you more about me.


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