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James O. Kelly

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General Information

State: Tennessee
Institution: State
Sex: Male
Race/Ethinicity: Caucasian/White
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 9"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 223 lbs. lbs
Date of Birth: October 3, 1971
Age: 53 years
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James O. Kelly
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Write Me at:

Northeast Correctional Complex
PO Box 5000
Mountain City, Tennessee, 37683-5000

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 1991 Aug 16th
Earliest Release Date: 03/02/2022
Latested Release Date: 2035
Servig Life Sentence: No
On Death Row: No
Incarcerated For: 5/?/91 Aggr Rape;7/3/91 Aggr Assault;Robbery; Agg Kidnapping; Felony escape

My Biography

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Hi there, I’m hoping to meet some new friends from all over the U. S. learn about about as many different lifestyles and perspectives as possible including yours! I sincerely want you to learn who I am, where I am and why I an so that we can hopefully meet on common ground, not allowing age, weight, religion or any of the set standards to become a wedge between good people. To begin with, I will give you a brief description of my physical self; I stand 5′ 9″ and weigh 223 lbs. I mostly sport a shaved head. I have a beard(will shave if you want); and have a medium complexion and have some tattoos. On October 3rd, I turned 50 yrs old, while I still feel like I’m in my 20’s! I hope that doesn’t prevent anyone from getting to know me. Age is not a standard. Although I am not necessarily an excessively health conscious person, I have never indulged in the consumption of drug’s or drinking. You’ll probably find that hard to swallow (no pun intended). Actually my being in the good condition that I am, can probably be attributed to those reasons those especially. I hope I am not boring you? I’m just trying my best to give you a glimpse of the man behind the pen. Prison is undoubtedly a terrible place to be under any circumstance. I have truly learned to appreciate some life’s simplest gifts. God, if I could only reach that special person, I would do anything. That someone who is willing to live life to the fullest with me. Someone who is not afraid to take a chance. Someone who can share my dreams and then accomplish those dreams together. Someone who is open enough to grow so close together as one that in the midst of a crowded room of people, we could sense what each other is thinking just by making eye contact. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile when the tank reads empty! Do you understand what I am saying? I’m searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship. Inner warmth us more important than anything else, because I want to get to know who you are. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to write me anytime. Before I go. I want to say that we all have our encounters with life’s disappointments. Some worse than others. Perhaps those scars are so deeply embedded that not even time will heal them. Yet we cannot exist without love and happiness. Food, oxygen and love is what we must have in order to live in any normal society. Yet, love is like the moth that is attracted to the candle light. I’m somewhat like the moth. Mainly, because I’m compelled to be compelled to be consumed by the thing called we call love. and you? What is your story?

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